CVO January 18 2014 Meeting Photos

Photos by Hurley Green III

Re-elected Directors: Taalibdin Shabazz, Director, Bruce Parry, Chair, Darryl Howard, Legislative Director and Connie Edwards, Recording Secretary.

Left is Natalie Cramer of the Blue Star Family Platoon. CVO Endorsed their drive for a Blue Star License Plate for families with members serving in the military. The right is Natalie Cramer with Bruce Parry, CVO Chair.

Photos by Curtis “Kojo” Morrow

Natalie Cramer of the Blue Star Family Platoon with Bruce Parry, CVO Chair, displaying a mock-up of the Illinois license plate they hope to sponsor for Blue Star Families.

Charles "Smudge Coleman holding the plaque CVO presented him with CVO Co-Founders Rochelle Crump and David Rogers.

The re-elected CVO Executive Committee members with the Chair: Taalibdin Shabazz, Director; Bruce Parry, Chair; Darryl Howard, Legislative Director; Connie Edwards, Recording Secretary.

Connie Edwards, CVO Recording Secretary addresses the January 18th CVO meeting at Montford Point.

An impromptu picture of "Smudge" Coleman with the plaque presented to him by CVO. From the left: Connie Edwards, Recording Secretary; Bruce Parry, Chair; Charles, "Smudge" Coleman; Rochelle Crump, Co-Chair