Election 2020 |How the Candidates Stand on Issues Affecting Veterans

For the upcoming election, the Coalition of Veterans Organizations invites all candidates
to submit statements concerning their positions on veterans’ issues, and their
statements will be posted on our website. There are some issues, such as the
privatization of the Veterans Administration Health Care System or its funding (i. e.,
mandatory versus discretionary) that would only apply to the national level, while
issues like employment and dental care apply to all levels of government.

On the national level, bills that we are tracking include H. R. 96 (that would require the
VA to treat dental care like the other medical specialties), H. R. 3932/S. 1573 (that
would waive copays for preventive care), and H. R. 6845/S. 3724 (that would waive
copays for COVID-19 care). We need co-sponsors for these bills!

Statements can be emailed to our webmaster at: webmaster@coalitionofvets.org

CVO is 501(c)(3) organization, so we do not endorse candidates. Our request for candidate inputs will be put on our website, so that veterans can educate themselves on the candidates.

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