Fricilone, Mike

CVO is 501(c)(3) organization, so we do not endorse candidates. Our request for candidate inputs will be put on our website, so that veterans can educate themselves on the candidates.

Mike Fricilone for Congress Statement

Thank you for allowing us to submit a statement to express my support for our veterans.

Both my father (US Army) and father-in-law (US Navy) served in WWII. I have the deepest level of respect and admiration for veterans.

When our veterans retire from the service, they should have the best healthcare in the world provided to them. Our VA system should be funded by non-discretionary spending to protect much-needed benefits to our vets. I also am a strong supporter of the Mission Act, which gives veterans greater access to health care in VA facilities and the community, expands benefits for caregivers, and improves the VA’s ability to recruit and retain the best medical providers. For our vets that live far distances from VA hospitals that were injured in the line of duty before September 11, 2001, we must also allow them to seek care locally, more easily and they must always have access to our nation’s best physicians and surgeons.

I also strongly support H.R. 96 which would require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to furnish dental care in the same manner as any other medical service. Finally, I support ensuring that no veteran pays for COVID-19 care and that fees for preventative medicine be waved for veterans.


Thank you!

Mike Fricilone

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