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Tommy Hanson, Republican candidate for 5th Congressional District

candidates_2020_tommy_hanson_fiFirst of all, I want to let you know my Grandfather fought in WWI in France and was wounded as a result fighting against the Germans. He was mustard gassed; subsequently he survived but died a few years later as a result of his injury. I never met my Grandfather; but I understand he was a wonderful person. Later, my father was a Naval Aviator in WWII which was the single most significant experience he had in his life. To this day, I thank God my father survived. Later on, my father worked for The Veterans Administration and received many rewards. Personally, my time came during the VietNam; when my draft number was pulled #320; so I was not drafted.

To say the least, I consider it an honor to become Congressman for the 5th Congressional District; because I want to pay back those who have served our country. I’m running as the Republican Candidate; because I am a Christian; and I believe the only way America will survive hereon is through an Executive Branch, Congress and The Senate all being Republican. Once elected, I will be certain to work with you, President Trump, Congress and the Senate to make things right for all who have served. I believe our President is doing the best he can to accomplish this objective.

I appreciate your invitation to inform you of my intentions. I am honored you invited me to address your concerns and look forward to working with the COALITION OF VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS.

Tommy Hanson
Illinois 5th Congressional Republican Candidate

More Information about this candidate can be found at: https://www.ballotready.org/il/u-s-house-of-representatives-illinois-5th-congressional-district/388209

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