Next CVO Meeting April 15, 2020 on Zoom

The next meeting of CVO will be on Zoom at 7 PM on Wednesday, April 15th.

CVO is going online! It is crucial that CVO – like all organizations – protect its members in this period of home sheltering and social distancing. We need to continue to meet and work for veterans and their families! We are doing this by continuing to meet in new ways that utilize the technology available to carry out the CVO mission: The Coalition of Veterans Organizations is a group of individuals and member organizations whose purpose is to advocate for and educate veterans and the public on issues that impact veterans and their families.

We hope you will take the time to attend this meeting. There are no transportation difficulties, so the time for the meeting is only the time you will be online. Seeing each other face to face using the video feature gives the meeting a personal feel and makes what we’re doing real. Please give it a shot.

The agenda for this first online meeting will include a presentation by Dr. Col (Ret) Connie Edwards. Dr. Edwards is a PhD in Nursing with a background in Public Health: exactly what this coronavirus pandemic is about. She is a Vietnam veteran, having served in-country as a nurse. She served on active duty and in the reserves for 30 years, achieving the rank of bird Colonel. She also taught Nursing at Governor’s State University and is an Emeritus Professor of that institution. She has been active in CVO from the beginning. She will give us concrete and true information that we can trust on both the pandemic and the virus. And she will brief us on the actions we should take to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

We will also discuss how CVO should proceed and be organized in this time of online meetings and online action. CVO has 5 strategic issues. What should we work on and how should we do it.

Unfortunately, we can’t follow our regular tradition of having refreshments for the attendees, but hope that you will be comfortable in the meeting at your home!! Here’s the information on Zoom:

Zoom is a video-conferencing software that is easy to use and very reliable. Members can also call in from their phones without video. We are aware of the recent security concerns and have taken steps to ensure the security of the meeting, including implementation of a password to enter the meeting and having a trained host for the meeting that can enforce appropriate standards of conduct for all attendees.

To join, just click on the following on your computer, your smart phone or your tablet. All you need is an Internet connection:

Join URL:

The first time, it will ask you to download Zoom. Allow this or join on your browser. Join with video.

If you prefer to only use the telephone, call one of these numbers and when asked, put in the Meeting ID and password followed by the #.

1-312-626-6799 or 1-346-248-7799
Meeting ID: 685 744 8800
Password: 357489

If you want to use the Zoom App, you can download it from on your computer or from the App Store on your phone or tablet. To join the meeting, select “Join” and put in the Meeting ID and password above.

See you on Wednesday, April 15th at 7!! Be well and be safe!!