Nominations to CVO Executive Committee & No December Meeting

We are accepting nominations for the CVO Executive Committee. All nominations must be submitted to the CVO Chair, Bruce Parry, by December 21, 2013. Elections will be held at the January CVO meeting on January 18, 2014. There will be no nominations from the floor.


We are postponing the December membership meeting of CVO due to its closeness to the holidays and the busyness of the season. We would like to extend our Holiday Greetings to all our friends, supporters and their families.


Being a member of the CVO Executive Committee is an important responsibility. The Executive Committee is the Board of Directors of CVO and is therefore legally responsible for its operation. Nomination to the Executive Committee is for a two-year term. The Executive Committee meets as needed, usually four or five times a year, between Membership Meetings. Our next Executive Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Being a member of the Executive Committee means working for the benefit of CVO, taking on leadership responsibilities as they may be laid out, ensuring the direction and activities of CVO and ensuring that we are adhering to our Bylaws and established procedures. Nominees for the Executive Committee should be members of CVO in good standing, regular attendees at CVO meetings, and people with the time and ability to make a significant contribution to CVO. The following current members have been nominated for re-election to the Executive Committee: Rochelle Crump, Connie Edwards, Darryl Howard and Taalibdin Shabazz. The Executive Committee may have up to nine members, so we will have four openings on the Committee for new nominees to fill without contesting another member. If you have any questions about being nominated to the Executive Committee, please feel free to call the Chair, Bruce Parry at 773-320-1859 or any other Executive Committee member (Rochelle Crump, Connie Edwards, David Rogers, Charles “Smudge” Coleman, Darryl Howard and Taalibdin Shabazz).

 Happy Holidays!



Bruce Parry
CVO Chair