Speak Directly with VA about Suicide Prevention at CVO Meeting – Mar 17

Speak Directly with the VA about Suicide Prevention at Next CVO Meeting!

CVO’s guest speakers at this month’s meeting will be the Suicide Prevention team at the Jesse Brown VA. The team is led by Michelle Langlois. Jeremey D’Alessio and Jessica Heise.

March is also nominations month, where we accept CVO Executive Committee nominations for the elections held during the April Meeting. Be sure to come out, participate in nominations and join the discussion on Suicide Prevention!

Registration is required to attend this Meeting.


Share your concerns about
suicide with fellow vets!


03/17/21 7:00pm – 02/17/21 9:00pm

Register to join the CVO Meeting and hear Jesse Brown VA’s Suicide Prevention Team address the veteran community and service organizations. The Zoom link will be provided after you register here.

More about Suicide Prevention at Jesse Brown VA:

Veterans do not live, work, and serve in isolation from the community, the nation, or the world. The issue of suicide in the U.S. also affects the Veteran population. That’s why they are working with an extensive network of community partners across the country to prevent suicide among all Veterans including those who may never come to VA for care. Reach out to find out more about Jesse Brown VAs Suicide Prevention programs and aid.