Ending the backlog of veterans’ and survivors’ benefits through Presumptive Benefits

Congress must direct the VA to immediately fund benefits for all veterans applying for VA disability. Veterans that have medical diagnosis supported by military records or who have valid Social Security claims that have been approved should be granted VA benefits when they apply without further development. Veterans who lack Social Security validation of disabilities or military records should be provided a disability stipend that would be recouped from benefits awarded once claim has been fully developed. A duplication of connecting system to local government i.e. IRS, SS and local state agencies would prevent duplication of benefit assistance. There should be no repayment if benefits are denied. Such a policy would end the government backlog and the financial hardship of veterans and survivors. Read more [...]

Equality of women’s benefits and healthcare

1. Methods to outreach to women veterans are ineffective without public advertisement. Congress must create legislation that allows the VA to conduct public outreach to the underserved women veterans. • Thousands of women nationwide are unaware of their VA status. Due to limited healthcareenrollment of women veterans; gender specific healthcare services i.e. mammograms are out sourced to private facilities. 2. VA must do more to provide women veterans with preventive heath care education and increase services for awareness and care for reproductive concerns. 3. VA must do more prevention care for older women veterans. Read more [...]