White, Philanise

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Philanise White for Congress Statement

candidates_2020_Philanise_White_fiAs a candidate for congress in the 1st Congressional District of Illinois, I support the efforts of the Coalition of Veterans Organizations’ position on the following bills being considered by congress: H.R. 96, H.R. 3932/S. 1573 and H.R. 6845/S. 3724. My position is to make mandatory and at all levels, the medical coverage and funding by the Veterans Administration Health Care System.

Having a daughter in the military makes me proud to support the men and women veterans. Veterans need and should have proper health care; that includes dental (H.R. 96) and mental care. Many of our veterans are homeless due to improper health care services. These men and women fought to protect America’s freedoms, and therefore should not be denied alternative health options or limited to going only to VA hospitals for services. There are times where veterans cannot get to a VA hospital because of the distance, and some states have very few VA hospitals if any at all. It is not uncommon for some veterans to wait weeks or months just to see a doctor at the VA facilities. This poses a serious threat to their health, oftentimes creating a new set of issues that may have been avoided had they been able to see a doctor outside of the VA network. Additionally, because they have served our country, they should be seen without an appointment. Veterans on all levels including retired and those currently serving are our HEROES; they deserve the best health care without the stimulation and co-payments. Payments that the government spends on able-bodied people and illegal aliens should be given to our veterans along with other services needed.

I support the H.R. 3932/S. 1573, it requires the secretary of veteran’s affairs to provide preventative medicine to all veterans, it would be unethical and morally wrong to have veterans to pay a copayment, individual who receive government payments are not required or responsible for a co-payment on their medical bills, why then should our veterans have one? The COVID 19 test should fall under the same guidelines as any other covered medical expense. I support H.R. 6845/S. 3724 and any/all efforts to ensure that our veterans are given the medical treatment and access to those treatments that they need, deserve and require in a timely and efficient manner. I look forward to working with all veterans’ organizations, individuals and coalitions to put the needs, issues and platforms of our veterans first and will proudly sponsor bills in support of them.

I may be reached via my website: PhilaniseForCongress.com.

Philanise White
Candidate for Congress, Illinois 1st Congressional District

More Information about this candidate can be found at:  PhilaniseForCongress.com