Against Privatization of the VA? Come to the CVO Meeting this Wednesday

The next meeting of CVO will be this Wednesday, February 15th at 7 PM at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, 820 S. Damen in the 2nd Floor Conference Room. We are going to refocus CVO on fighting efforts to privatize the VA. The current Secretary of the VA has stated that he’s for a “hybrid” VA – party private, part public (as it is). This is an effort to further privatize the VA!
We need to fight this!

We are asking all Organizational Members to send a representative to this meeting to coordinate our efforts. Of course, all Individual Members should attend as well.

There are a number of other things on the agenda as well. Dues are due! Only $10 a year for individuals; $50 for organizations. Nominations for the Board of Directors will be in March; elections in April. Join now so you can nominate and vote in the elections.

Parking will be validated.

We’re having pizza!! Come and join us!