FROM WASHINGTON: News for the Enlisted, August 17, 2015

With Congress out of town, news on legislative issues is slow, but there are other items we hope will be of interest to you. There’s a new claim that the VA is denying health care to combat veterans because of a computer error, there’s a way you might be able to get free tickets to some event you’d like to attend, and the VA has announced new training programs. Read more [...]

VA’s Accelerated Learning Programs

A VA-sponsored accelerated learning program (ALP) may be right for you! As a transitioning Servicemember or Veteran, you are eligible to participate in an ALP in IT at no cost, without using your GI Bill® benefits. ALPs help you quickly gain the skills and certifications you need to qualify for employment in IT, one of today’s fastest-growing industries. You also will receive job placement services upon completing a program. Read more [...]

One Savvy Veteran’s 2nd Annual “Paint and Party” Social Event

One Savvy Veteran’s 2nd Annual “Paint and Party” Social - August 29 at 3PM. Come hang out and GET YOUR PAINT ON! Food, drinks, and a masterpiece of your own creation. Discover your inner artist and let your creativity flow while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow women veterans. Step-by-step painting class complete with a food and a great selection of wine for you to choose from while you paint and socialize. Read more [...]

Naval Station Great Lakes Marvel Universe Live Trip September 19

Marvel Universe LIVE! September 19 at Allstate Arena. An authentic and original story that brings more than 25 Marvel characters together on one epic quest. The story is framed around the battle over the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power and one of the most feared and coveted treasures in the Marvel Universe, that has been shattered into pieces by the Mighty Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. With the pieces scattered across the globe, Thor’s villainous brother Loki devises a scheme to clone its powers, inciting a threat that could not only decimate Earth but also obliterate the Universe. Read more [...]