Veterans of any age may be eligible for VA benefits‏


In gratitude for your honorable service to our nation, VA provides benefits to help you take care of your family; buy, retain, or modify a home; earn a degree; start a career; stay healthy; and do so much more in life after the military. Here are a few ways VA serves older Veterans: Continue reading

Naval Station Great Lakes Marvel Universe Live Trip September 19

Marvel Universe LIVE! September 19 at Allstate Arena. An authentic and original story that brings more than 25 Marvel characters together on one epic quest. The story is framed around the battle over the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power and one of the most feared and coveted treasures in the Marvel Universe, that has been shattered into pieces by the Mighty Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. With the pieces scattered across the globe, Thor’s villainous brother Loki devises a scheme to clone its powers, inciting a threat that could not only decimate Earth but also obliterate the Universe. Continue reading