Crazy, But Not Dishonorable

According to 38 USCS, section 5303(b): "if it is established to the satisfaction of the Secretary that, at the time of the commission of an offense leading to a person's court-martial, discharge, or resignation, that person was insane, such person shall not be precluded from benefits under laws administered by the Secretary based upon the period of service from which such person was separated." Read more [...]

Next CVO Meeting at the National Veterans Art Museum on June 21st

The next meeting of the Coalition of Veterans Organizations (CVO) will be Saturday, June 21, 10 AM, on the North side of Chicago at the National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) at 4041 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago. We are very excited to be meeting there and to find such a fine venue as we move our meeting around to meet the needs of different veterans. Read more [...]