The  Coalition of Veterans Organizations is a group of individuals and member organizations whose purpose is to advocate and educate veterans and the public on issues that impact veterans and their families.

Our Strategic Issues are:

  • Full federal funding of VA health care—including mental health care—for all veterans without further payment.  Federally funded healthcare  for all veterans without further pay.  We have already paid with our service and in many cases our blood and our  lives.
  • Ending  veteran homelessness and the realignment of the VA Per Diem grants system. There  is no greater disgrace than the fact that thousands of veterans in this country  are homeless. Some of those are also sick, but many simply do not have the jobs  and support structures they need to be off the streets. This disgrace can be  and must be changed!
  • Full equality of women’s benefits and healthcare. We recognize the special needs of women veterans and the unacceptable gap between services and benefits for women and those for men. That gap must be closed immediately and all services and benefits for women made fully available immediately.
  • Ending  the backlog of veterans’ and survivors’ benefits through Presumptive Benefits.  We call on the federal government to immediately  fund benefits for all veterans applying for VA disability. If they have  the medical diagnosis and the military records to show they should get the  benefits, then the benefits should be granted as soon as they apply. The  government can figure out whether to award or disallow the benefits. That policy  would end the government backlog very quickly and would make sure needy  veterans get benefits in a prompt and caring manner.
  • End urban violence: Veterans have endured the violence of combat and know that it has no place in our communities. We have a special role to play in ending the violence on our streets. We support local and national efforts to end the violence in our cities.