Taft High School of Chicago is in the planning stages for a Veterans memorial

The Taft High School Local School Council at its March 14 (2017) meeting discussed the installation of a veterans memorial on school grounds and the possibility of a new indoor pool.

“If you’re a veteran and went to Taft, you’re going to have your name on this,” Taft principal Mark Grishaber said. The memorial, which will be located on the north side of the school, will include a fountain and a “Taft eagle” overlooking the names, he said.

Taft LSC discusses memorial for veterans, new indoor pool

Taft is seeking information about all Veterans who went to Taft.

They are particularly interested in learning about former Taft students who gave their lives in service to our country.

If you are Veteran and went to Taft or know of one please forward the following information to the Taft Foundation:

  • Name, year of graduation (or if you didn’t actually graduate, dates attended and see below)
  • Branch of service, dates served, final rank
  • Name of War(s) or Conflict(s) served in.
  • Decorations (in particular the Purple Heart and/or those awarded for Valor or Heroism)
  • Date Killed in Action or Date of Death if deceased
  • Current address, phone number and E-mail address
  • Photos are optional

If you are or you know a Veteran who went to Taft, but left Taft early, without graduating, to join the U S Military, and you are a Veteran of WW2, Korea or Vietnam, the State of Illinois will grant that Veteran, his or her high school Diploma.

This State of Illinois Law actually applies to any Veteran who attended any High School in the State of Illinois and who left high school early, without graduating, to join the U S Military.

For details or questions, contact:

Taft High School Foundation
P O Box 31892
Chicago, IL 60631-0892