Next CVO Meeting January 19, 2022 on Zoom


The Next Meeting of CVO is Wednesday, January 19th at 7 PM on Zoom. All veteran member organizations are invited to the next Coalition of Veterans Organizations General Body Meeting. We invite you to report activities of your respective organizations, updates on veteran issues, and hear more about CVO work including the dental bill. Read more [...]

Next CVO Meeting July 21, 2021 on Zoom | Register Today

The next meeting of CVO will be on Zoom at 7 PM on Wednesday, July 21st. Our guest presentation will be given by Joseph Podlasek, CEO and Founder of Trickster Cultural Center and organizer of the National Gathering of Veterans. Registration is required to attend this meeting. Registration is Now Open. Read more [...]

Next CVO Meeting April 21, 2021 on Zoom

The next meeting of the Coalition of Veterans Organizations will be held on Zoom on Wednesday, April 21st from 7 to 9 PM Central / 8-10 PM Eastern. Guest Speaker Mr. Gerald Yamada, President, Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA). Registration is required to attend this Meeting. Registration is OPEN. Read more [...]

Speak Directly with VA about Suicide Prevention at CVO Meeting – Mar 17

Join us as we discuss Suicide Prevention, led by the Suicide Prevention team at the Jesse Brown VA: Michelle Langlois. Jeremey D’Alessio and Jessica Heise. 7pm CT, Mar 17 via Zoom: JBVA Suicide Prevention Efforts. Registration is required to attend this Meeting. Read more [...]