Veterans of any age may be eligible for VA benefits‏

ImageProxy.mvc“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
— Sim, U.S. Air Force Veteran, on taking advantage of his VA benefits

Did You Know …
• Sim is among about 9.7 million Veterans—more than 44 percent of all Veterans—who are 65 or older.
• Veterans of any age may qualify for VA benefits, including health care, home loans, and pension.
• Spouses and family members caring for older Veterans, as well as older survivors of deceased
Veterans, may also be entitled to VA support.

VA Serves Older Veterans

In gratitude for your honorable service to our nation, VA provides benefits to help you take care of your family; buy, retain, or modify a home; earn a degree; start a career; stay healthy; and do so much more in life after the military. Here are a few ways VA serves older Veterans:
• We’re equipped to care for you. Through, geriatrics, extended care, home health aide and care services, telehealth, and other programs, VA addresses Veterans’ complex health and personal care needs in home and community-based settings, and at VA medical centers.
• We can bring care to you. VA has many options for older Veterans to receive care at home, avoiding regular trips to the doctor or longer stays at medical facilities. With home-based primary care, for instance, eligible Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare services can receive certain health services at home.
• We provide you with tools to cope with vision loss. With therapy and cutting-edge assistive technology, Veterans who are legally blind or who have low or damaged vision can stay active. VA’s blind and vision rehabilitation programs, available through outpatient clinics, intensive training, and home care, make it easier to live with poor eyesight.
• We increase your options. If you’re eligible for or receiving a VA pension, larger monthly payments may be available under the VA pension aid and attendance and housebound programs; for instance, if you need help performing daily functions or you cannot leave your house due to a disability.
• We protect your VA benefits. If it’s hard to manage your VA benefits due to injury, age, or disease, the VA fiduciary program can find and appoint someone to help handle your affairs.
• We support those who care for Veterans. VA offers resources to help caregivers stay strong and organized on behalf of Veterans, including a free six-week online workshop for family members called “Building Better Caregivers.” Call 1-855-260-3274 for information on other VA caregiver benefits. VA also offers several forms of respite care services for caregivers who need a break.

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