Charles ‘Smudge’ Coleman 1949-2020

Charles 'Smudge' Coleman
It is with deep regret and sympathy that I report that I have just learned of the the passing of CVO member Charles ‘Smudge” Coleman on April 8th of this year. Smudge was an original member of the CVO Executive Committee. He was a Chef and cooked the food for the first five or six CVO fundraisers. He was the Treasurer of the organization. Up to just a year ago he was involved in the CVO Back to School program at Englewood High School and Fathers and Mothers United which sponsored that event.

Smudge was a presence! He was always bright and optimistic and a real leader. He made things happen. He served with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. A number of years ago he moved to Paris: Paris, Tennessee. I believe his family was in that area. It’s outside Nashville and we talked about his commute to the Nashville VA. Smudge was my friend and we kept in touch after he moved. His birthday was the same day as mine: December 16th. We always joked about that!

Smudge Coleman will be missed. He will be remembered and honored for his service to Veterans (including CVO) and the Community. May he Rest In Peace!

Bruce Parry

8 thoughts on “Charles ‘Smudge’ Coleman 1949-2020

  1. Smudges I remember basic sitting in the bleachers for a first aid class and you prolonging the class with a lot of questions when the rest of us wanted the class to end. Many laughs.

  2. Condolences and Prayers to the Coleman family and friends. I will always remember how funny Charles was and how he loved to talk, even when he was mad at me. I remember his very distinct laughter and jokes. Charles was a great chef and he was very articulate about “food presentation” and he was kind hearted, and loved God, his family, church, brothers and sisters in arms. Charles was proud of his military service, and his history and accomplishments with CVO. He was dedicated to helping veterans, and youths in the Englewood community. Rest in Peace Comrade Charles “Smudge” Coleman

  3. Prayers Forward Comrade RIP Trooper, May your Canopy open wide and your skies be clear as you meet St. Michael and Peter at the Gates to receive your final Wings.
    See you when we get there.

  4. Me an Smudge had very close relationship I will truly miss my brother God bless you and I will see you again.

  5. Thank you, Smudge, for all the memories….your smile, your culinary expertise! You really MADE the CVO events with your enthusiasm and special menus…
    My thoughts and prayers are now with your family and friends. You will be missed on earth but I know there is a special place for you in God’s kitchen.

    Rest In Peace.

  6. I had the opportunity and honor to know Charles while working at Jesse Brown VAMC. Charles would often come by my office to use the copying machine and we would share info with each other on issues related to Veterans and special events. He was a pleasure to work with and always displayed a true dedication to do right for Veterans. A true advocate and friend.
    My condolences to Charles’ family and friends.
    RIP Charles.

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