Hines Town Hall Meetings Schedule

In an effort to continue to improve communication. Hines have scheduled a series of Employee and Veteran Town Halls and visits to  CBOCs.  Events for the 2nd and 3rd quarters are listed below.

Employee Town Halls
1/20 Employee TH 8-9am; Easy Street {Completed)
2/23 Employee TH4-5pm {200-1492)
3/14 Employee TH 1130-1230pm; Auditorium
4/11 Employee TH 8-9am; Easy Street
5/2 Employee TH; 1130-1230pm; Auditorium
6/21 Employee TH 4-5pm {Bldg. 200-1492)

CBOC Visits
1/4 Oak Lawn CBOC 8-9am
2/6 Joliet CBOC 3-4pm
2/7 Aurora CBOC 3-4pm
2/16 Hoffman CBOC 8-9am
3/2 LaSalle CBOC 130-230pm
3/22 Kankakee CBOC 2-3pm
4/5 Oak Lawn CBOC 8-9am
4/17 Joliet CBOC 3-4pm /
5/4 Hoffman CBOC 8-9am
5/16 Aurora CBOC 3-4pm
6/14 Kankakee CBOC 2-3pm
6/15 LaSalle CBOC 130-230pm

Veterans Town Halls
2/9 Hines Vet. TH 4-5pm; Auditorium
3/7 Aurora Vet Town. Hall 6-7pm
4/4 Hoffman Vet TH 6-7pm
5/10 Oak Lawn Vet. TH 6-7pm
6/8 Hines Vet. TH 4-5pm; Auditorium