S. 3017, Veterans Dental Care Eligibility Expansion and Enhancement Act

S 3017– On October 20, 2021 , Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) introduced the Veterans Dental Care Eligibility Expansion and Enhancement Act of 2021 in the 1171h Congress. Co-sponsors: R Blumenthal (D-Conn), C Booker (D-NJ), K Gillibrand (D-NY), M Hirano (D-Hawaii), B Menendez (D-NJ). This bill with the Veterans State Eligibility Standardization Act of 2021 will ensure universal dental coverage for all veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and eliminate longstanding barriers to health care for veterans across the country. The VA has reported that out of the 9.2 million veterans enrolled in VA health care, only about 1.4 million are eligible for comprehensive dental care. In 2020, VA dental services managed to care for only 402,000 eligible veterans, as well as an additional 61 ,000 due to medical need. Due to the 2020 COVID pandemic with a decrease in veterans’ enrollment and compensation and pension exams, there is an estimated backlog of 2.5 million dental procedures. S 3017 will also address the shortage of dentists in the US by incentivizing dental school enrollment and service to our nation’s veterans and ensures the VA maintains dental clinics in all states.

Please contact your Senators in Washington DC to co-sponsor this bill.

Call 866-220-0044
Toll Free number to Congress. Request to be connected with your senator, ask for the legislative aide and request they co-sponsors S. 3017

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DAV – Disabled American Veterans Campaigns

Please use the prepared email or draft your own letter to ask your Representative in Congress to cosponsor S. 3017

DAV Resolution No. 018, which recognizes the importance of oral health as part of basic health care and calls on VA to provide comprehensive dental care to all enrolled service-connected veterans.

Thank you for your support of the DAV’s legislative priorities.